Ways to Avoid Kitchen Cabinet Steam Damage

The impacts of heat and steam are very damaging to wooden cabinets made from kitchen cabinet refacing in Corona. It causes the wood to expand due to humidity fluctuations. This might have an impact on the form of the wood. It may also impair the cabinet’s structural integrity and change its appearance. Hardwoods provide superior protection than plywood, which can distort and disintegrate quickly if exposed to heat and steam over an extended period.

All wood kinds will be harmed by prolonged exposure to heat and steam. The thickness of the fiberboard of the kitchen cabinet from cabinet refacing in California will change. When exposed to steam, lighter woods, such as white sapwood, darken. Every form of raw or untreated wooden kitchen cabinet material will have similar detrimental outcomes.

Moreover, if wooden cabinets are exposed to excessive moisture in the kitchen, it is critical to increase ventilation to dry the wood out. It is critical to note that excessive steaming will always produce long-term harm if the region is left untreated or if the issue is neglected for an extended period.

Proper ventilation throughout the kitchen is also essential for preventing steam damage. Moisture has an escape point if the room is appropriately aired. This protects the wood of the cabinets from harm.

In addition, repositioning the kettle is typically the best solution when dealing with heat and steam concerns in an existing area. It will undoubtedly be less expensive and less difficult than attempting to implement alternative ventilation options instead.

Furthermore, laminated cabinets provide an added degree of protection against moisture damage. They are not watertight on their own, yet, the smooth layer created by the laminate prevents water from seeping into the hardwood and causing harm. By default, laminated cabinets are shiny. They may be painted any color to match your kitchen style.

Continue reading the infographic below from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to learn about the ways to avoid kitchen cabinet steam damage.

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