Tips to Pull Off Boho Style Home Décor

The minimalist and sleek Scandinavian house design may be all the rage, but sometimes they can fall short in terms of creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in a home. The modern style can often be perceived as cold, harsh, and distant, leaving homeowners feeling unfulfilled. For those who seek a more approachable and homelike ambiance in their living spaces, interior design service providers suggest the bohemian style.

What is Bohemian Style?

The boho décor idea, also known as boho chic, is a design movement that has its roots in the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s. The bohemian philosophy is all about living a relaxed, informal lifestyle, and this is reflected in the design choices that make up the boho look. It is characterized by the use of warm, earthy colours; bold and intricate patterns; eclectic accents from different cultures; and an overall feeling of comfort and informality.

Why is the Bohemian Style so Popular?

There are many reasons why the bohemian style has become so popular among homeowners and interior design service providers. For starters, it is an approachable and easy-to-pull-off look that creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in a home. Additionally, boho styles are synonymous with colour, vibrance, and vitality, which makes for a visually pleasing and interesting aesthetic. Lastly, the bohemian style heavily borrows from nature and different cultures, making it a unique and eclectic design choice that sets homes apart.

Tips to Perfecting the Bohemian Style in Your Home

Tips from interior design service providers for creating a boho look:

Go Crazy with Colours

Bohemian styles are all about colour, and this is a key component in creating the perfect boho look. Warm, earthy, and natural colours like beige, jade, and cerulean are popular choices, but they are often paired with contrasting shades like fiery orange, saturated mauve, and steel grey for a more dramatic effect. Metallic shades also make an appearance every now and then, adding an extra touch of whimsy and playfulness to the design.

Colours + Patterns = Boho

While colours are essential to the bohemian style, patterns play a crucial role in accentuating their beauty. The layering of colours and patterns, along with different textures, creates a whimsical and bohemian look. Paisleys, florals, geometric patterns, and natural motifs are popular choices in boho styles, and they help to take some of the shock value away from the design and make it more cohesive.

Become One with Nature

The boho décor idea heavily borrows from nature, and this goes beyond just the colour scheme and patterns. While botanical print wallpapers and floral motif fabrics can add to the rustic feel, nothing beats the authenticity of actual plants in a boho-style home. Indoor, low-maintenance plants placed in wicker baskets, jute bags, or hanging planters are an easy way to bring the outside in and create a more natural and organic feel.

Assimilate Cultures

In addition to nature, culture heavily influences the bohemian style. Incorporating different tokens of culture into the boho home decor can be done in a variety of ways. From Suzani throw blankets and Persian rugs to papier-mâché tribal masks, anything goes when it comes to decorating a bohemian home. Displaying local culturally rich accents, such as artworks, souvenirs, and distressed pieces from flea markets or thrift stores can add an extra touch of personal flair and character to the space.

Mix and Match

Mix and match is the name of the game when it comes to bohemian style. Incorporating different textures, patterns, and colours in a harmonious way is what creates a unique boho look. The use of vintage, rustic, and eclectic accents in a single space helps to bring in an added sense of personality and charm. Consider using mismatched furniture pieces, eclectic lighting fixtures, and unusual decorative accents to create a curated and eclectic look.

Invest in Textures

Textures are a key component of the bohemian style and help to bring depth and dimension to a room. From fringed throw pillows and woven baskets to shag rugs and macrame wall hangings, the bohemian style is all about layering textures and patterns to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Consider using various textures in a single space to bring in a sense of depth and dimension.

Incorporate Global Inspiration

The bohemian style heavily draws inspiration from global cultures, and incorporating this into your design can create a unique and eclectic look. Mix and match pieces from different regions and countries, such as Moroccan lanterns, Indian tapestries, and tribal-inspired accents. This type of design not only adds an extra touch of personality but it also brings in a sense of cultural diversity and richness.

Use Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials into a bohemian-style house design is key in creating a warm and organic atmosphere. Using wood, stone, jute, and wicker not only adds to the rustic feel but also brings in a sense of grounding and natural beauty. Consider using natural materials in furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, and decorative accents to bring in an added touch of warmth and comfort.

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