Tips On Creating A Safe Space For Seniors 

When you have loved ones who are seniors, you have a certain sense of care for their well-being.  If you’re helping to look after your aging parents, the bond can be much stronger.  Providing a safe space for living and thriving is crucial when old age takes over.  

Making the home safer isn’t always the best answer, as assisted living facilities do a lot to help seniors age with ease.  Until then, look for little ways to make life easier for the elderly people in your world, and take a peek at these helpful tips on creating a safer space.  

Pick up after the pets

Tripping hazards are a huge problem when you have a body that can’t really take a tumble.  Falling when you’re older is much different than a trip and fall when you’re in your twenties.  

If you want to provide a safe space for seniors, you have to make sure to pick up after the pets and the kids.  Little balls and toys on the floor can make the most agile person trip and fall.  Reduce the danger with daily cleanups.  

Add appropriate handrails

Agility is one of the first things to go when you get older, and handrails can do a lot to add to the stability of an aging body.  Adding grab bars and handrails in the bathroom can help reduce the chance of a slip and fall incident coming out of the shower.  

If your home has a stairway, it’s important to make sure the handrails are secured and strong.  Sometimes a senior will need to throw the whole weight of their body on the rail, so it’s crucial to assure stability.  

Lighting in strategic locations

Seeing in the dark isn’t really any senior’s forte, so lighting is important for safety as age takes over the body.  Traversing the hallways and stairs at night can be treacherous if you can’t really see all that well.  

Try adding a few lights to the stairwell, the bathroom, the hallways, and even below the kitchen counters.  Lighting up these areas will make it easier for old sleepy eyes to see in the middle of the night.  

Senior safety devices are helpful 

If you have a senior loved one who needs to feel safer being alone, there are plenty of crafty tech devices to help make the situation better.  Wearable devices can monitor pulse and blood pressure.  

You may even want a device that connects your senior to medical assistance in the event of an emergency.  There are also many different cameras to help maintain a safe environment.  Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the perks technology has to offer.  

For more help creating a safe and beautiful space for elderly living, please see the resource below.

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