Things to Know Before You Build Your Fence


A fence brings plenty of benefits to your home. From improving the curb appeal to adding safety and security from invaders, weather, and animals. If you want to get a fence built for your property, you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire a reputable company for the job. However, before you build a fence, you need to know a few things:

The Details

  1. Decide on the purpose of the fence – Before you install a fence you need to figure out why you need it. A fence serves many purposes. However, you may want it for a primary reason. That purpose will also decide other thighs about the fence. From its height to the materials.

For instance, if you need a fence to keep your pet from running out of your property lines, you’ll need it to be strong and tall enough to restrict the jumping power of your pet. On the other hand, you may want a fence just for aesthetic appeal and to make your home look right in place with the rest of the neighborhood. For that purpose, a basic white picket fence would be enough.

If security is your main purpose, you may need a steel fence with a barbed wire top. If you need your fence for added privacy, you’ll need a solid wooden fence with no gaps in between. Your needs are complex and that’s why you need to be sure about them so that the fence company can come up with the right kind of fence for you.

  1. Make your fence face the right direction – When you’re building a fence you need to face it the right way to be a good neighbor, maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property, and for adhering to local HOA regulations. Make sure that the smooth and well-finished face of the fence is directed away from your home and facing towards the neighbor and the street.

That’s the pretty side of the fence and it makes your property look great from the outside. It also preserves the good look of the neighborhood. Make the side of the fence with posts and ugly rails face towards your home. This way the HOA will be happy, your neighbors would be happy, and the value of your property would be preserved.

  1. Fence Materials – A white picket fence is the representation of the American Dream portrayed in advertisements and pop culture. However, before you start sourcing wooden slats and posts, think about the commitment you want to make. Wooden picket fences and those made from thick timber need a lot of maintenance. They can rot and warp over time. However, they look the best.

On the other hand, you can choose other kinds of materials like vinyl and metal for a fence that’s low maintenance. While vinyl is a cheap option, it may not be suited for hot weather. On the other hand, fences made from aluminum or steel are very expensive. While the cost of ownership may be lower than a wooden fence in the long term, you’ll need to spend a lot of money upfront for installation. Assess your options and choose what’s best for you.

  1. Mix fencing types – A fence is a big commitment and requires you to spend a lot of money. People often go into debt to build their dream fence. However, that’s just financially irresponsible and unnecessary. Instead, you can opt for a mixed fence.

For instance, a wooden picket fence can go at the front of your home and connect to a chain-link fence at the back. This kind of mixed configuration reduces installation cost and also reduces the amount of paint and overall maintenance your fence needs. Moreover, this kind of mixed fencing adds a lot of uniqueness and interest to your landscape.

  1. Get familiar with the regulations – When you build a fence you need to make sure that you aren’t breaking any regulations. Otherwise, you may need to take down your fence and also get slapped with a hefty fine. Check with the local HOA and municipal building code officials about the permitted height, look, and material of your fence.

Your city and local HOA would always need you to keep the better-looking side of the fence facing towards the street away from your property. If you don’t like that, you can go with a double-sided fence that makes both sides look amazing. However, it would cost you twice the amount or more.

You also need to be specific in your inquiry to avoid future problems. Ask how far back the fence needs to be set on your property and if the project requires a building permit. Usually, a fence needs to be set around 2 to 8 inches away from the sidewalks and property lines.

  1. Use the green – Your fence doesn’t need to be made of wood, metal, or vinyl. It can also be made from greenery. With the right kind of trees and bushes, you can have a living fence that fulfills all your needs. Tall evergreens can provide you with privacy and safety from the weather throughout the year. With a few hidden support structures, it can also keep your pet inside the property line.

However, a living fence is very difficult to maintain. You need to prune it regularly, test the soil composition after a storm or a similar natural event and take other measures to make sure the fence stays beautiful and safe for you and everyone around the fence. However, a living fence will always set your property apart from the neighbors. If you like to spend time with plants, you may consider it.


There are numerous things that you need to know before building a fence. From figuring out the primary purpose of your fence to the fence materials and the property line. After you’ve figured out all the details you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals to build a solid fence for you.

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