Living Room Arrangement Tips

Decorating your living room is important because this is where you receive your guests or host family gatherings. Your living room decor creates the first impression on your guests’ minds. So, if you are not sure how to decorate your living room design and arrange the furniture pieces, here are a few tips that will surely help you:


01 of 08 You must know the size of the room


Before starting to design the living room, you must know its size. Measure it properly before purchasing anything. This will help you to determine if the furniture will fit in the room properly. If the furniture pieces appear too large or too small for the room, they might look awkward. Do not forget to measure the entrance and doors. You do not want to end up purchasing furniture that will be very difficult to bring in.


02 of 08 Create two seating areas


It is never a bad idea to have some extra seating space in your living room design. However, you can only create two seating areas if there is sufficient space available in the living room. Hence, you can only do it in large living rooms. By placing a rug, you can keep the main seating area highlighted. Add a few other seats and a table to create a different seating area in the room. Always ensure that sufficient space is available around the seating areas for the smooth flow of traffic.


03 of 08 Choose furniture of different sizes and styles


If you choose all the furniture pieces of the same size and style, the room might appear monotonous and boring. Hence, experts often suggest choosing furniture pieces of different sizes and styles. By creating different volumes in the room, you can give it a more interesting and appealing look. Besides the main furniture pieces, you can add a few other pieces to add to the visual appeal like ottomans, storage units, side tables, etc. Make sure they complement each other.


04 of 08 People should be able to face each other


People gather in the living room to converse. Hence, the seating arrangement should be made in a manner that people can easily face each other without straining their necks. This is very important especially in living room designs with two seating spaces. Always arrange the seating areas in a manner that people can talk to each other easily.


05 of 08 Maintain a balance


While designing the living room, you should ensure that all the elements complement each other. You should put some thought into each and every aspect starting from the size, shape, design, colour, etc. This will help to create a balance in the design of your living room. There are two types of balances: symmetry and asymmetry. While symmetry is choosing items that are similar to each other, asymmetry is choosing items that are different but complement each other’s looks. For instance, choosing lamps of different designs.


06 of 08 Take scale into consideration


You should take scale into consideration while designing your living room. For instance, avoid loveseats or bulky furniture in your living room if it is small. Using chairs will be a smarter decision. This will make your living room appear organised and sufficient space will be available for the smooth flow of traffic. Always pay heed to the size of your furniture. Your decor items should not appear too large for the room as well.


07 of 08 Add different zones


Create different zones in the design of your living room like different seating areas. For instance, you can add an armchair and a focus light to turn an empty nook into a reading area. Similarly, you can add a bench near the window so that people can sit and enjoy a good view. Create a separate zone for the kids or other activities like a board game area.


08 of 08 L-shaped arrangement


While designing a living room, the L-shaped arrangement is most commonly used. Arrange the sofa and loveseat in L-shape and keep the centre table in the middle. Many experts suggest this design because it is easier to converse with other people while sitting.



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