Do You Need to Repair Your Washing Machine?

Household appliances such as washing machines can streamline daily life, but their sudden malfunction can disrupt your routine. To mitigate the impact of such situations, familiarize yourself with common appliance repair issues. This understanding will prevent you from being taken by surprise when your appliance encounters problems.

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Washing Machine Repair

The following type of problem in your washing machine may need repairs:

1. The washer rotor failed to turn

Tub spinning ensures detergent and water reaches all clothes. A non-spinning tub results in incomplete cleaning. Possible causes could be:

  • The lock button may not be working on the door/lid.
  • Insufficient bearings in the bathtub.

2. Funny odour

Addressing a stagnant odour from your washing machine involves thorough cleaning. If the smell persists post-cleaning, it may indicate a more serious issue.

Mould and mildew pose potential health risks. Neglecting their growth can result in health problems for you and your family, underscoring the importance of timely and effective maintenance to ensure a safe laundry environment. The likely causes are:

  • A lot of moisture
  • The high amount of humidity
  • Failure or absence of enough laundry room ventilation.

3. Dryer issues

Common issues with dryers can be that clothes that are dried remain damp. Warm, fluffy, and dry clothes should come from a working dryer. If your clothes come out of the dryer still moist, it might not be the dryer’s fault but rather an operator error. Reducing the amount of clothing in your dryer can sometimes be the answer. If, however, that does not resolve the issue of your garments being damp, then your dryer has to be serviced. Possible causes are:

  • Ducts for the dryer are obstructing
  • Objects of debris and lint clog the exhaust stream.
  • Failing/broken heating system part.

4. Static Drum

Without the dryer’s drum, garments cannot be perfectly dry. This is the reason your dryer’s static drum is not functioning. Possible causes are:

  • Damaged drum rollers
  • Drum bearing problems
  • The roller axles are broken.

You may call the technician if there are any major problems found in your washing machine.

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