6 Bright Exterior Colors for Instant Curb Appeal in 2022

The exterior paint of your house leaves a lasting impression on your guests and passersby. Choosing the right hues for the exterior of your home is important as it is a big commitment. People don’t change the exterior paint colors as often as the interior. This means that you need to do it right the first time so that you create a house that best reflects your taste and speaks to your soul.

Curb appeal is no more is limited to neutrals and moody hues. If you want your home to be the subject of envy in your neighbourhood, then you must leap and go bold with bright colours. Don’t know which bright exterior paint colors to choose in 2022? We have handpicked 6 stunning exterior colours that will boost your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Royal blue 

There is no secret that blue is a colour that calms and grounds you. If you are looking for a bright colour that isn’t too loud, then the classy royal blue is the perfect fit for you. No matter what landscape your house is located on, this versatile colour will never go wrong. A pro tip is to use white as the accent colour for the door, windows and trims as it will provide a rich contrast to the deep hue.

  1. Lipstick red

Ditch the maroon and the burgundy and consider painting your home exterior with a lipstick red hue that will make your house stand out in your block. This colour is fresh yet it looks traditional and timeless. Whether you have a house that is nestled in the wilderness or one that is built on a clean landscape, this colour will accentuate your home’s exterior and make it look chic.

  1. Coral 

Painting the exterior of your house coral is another way to go bold without taking too much risk. Choose a bright coral so that it pops out and doesn’t look washed out with the natural elements around your house. If your house is in a coastal area, then you can consider using sea green or turquoise exterior wall texture along with the coral base to create a gorgeous beach house. For people who are going for a mid-century modern countryside vibe, they can consider using shades of browns and blacks along with the coral base.

  1. Vibrant green 

While sage green, mint green and forest greens are gaining popularity, many people are choosing a vibrant green from the colour shade card for the exterior of their house. Vibrant green instantly gives your space a serene and relaxing vibe. You can either consider going tonal or using two or three shades of green for the exterior of your house.

  1. Hot pink 

If you are feeling fancy and want to make a statement with the exterior of your home, then hot pink is the colour for you. It screams fun, energy and happiness. This cheerful colour will instantly make your house look warm and inviting. A pro tip is to choose an emerald exterior wall texture along with the hot pink base to colour block and make your house stand out in your neighbourhood.

  1. Bright Yellow 

While many people opt for butter yellow and pale yellow when they are doing up the exterior of their house, not many take the risk of going all out by choosing sunshine yellow for the exterior walls. A bright yellow exterior will instantly light up the mood of your house and make your guests feel warm and welcomed.

So, which of these stunning exterior paint colors is your favourite? Sceptical whether a colour from the colour shade card will match the aesthetics of your place? Fret not, book an appointment with Asian Paints and let their experts help you create the home of your dreams.

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