4 Things To Do If Your Furnace Is Acting Up

It’s starting to get chilly, but thanks to your furnace, your house is a warm heaven to take refuge. Nevertheless, what if anything goes wrong and your furnace malfunctions? If your heater starts to act up, what should you do? Here are some of the things you can do to get your furnace fixed and keep yourself and your loved ones warm.

Check If The Furnace Filter Is Clean.

Check the air filter if the airflow coming from your registers looks low. A blocked filter can impede airflow. Ensure that your air registers are clean and unblocked by debris or other things.

Examine the Pilot Ignitions Light.

It’s possible that your ignitor or monitor is broken or unclean if your heater clicks on or starts the cycle but does not ignite. This is one of the most common and easiest issues to handle. In a typical situation, the furnace is alerted by the thermostat to turn on, the ignitor heats up to a red-hot temperature, and the cycle of lighting the gas and generating heat begins.
Turn off the furnace’s electricity and gas to fix the non-starting furnace. To find the ignitor/sensor, remove the front panel. To find the ignitor, see the user guide provided by your manufacturer. It typically appears close to where the burners’ flames emerge.

Monitor Your Thermostat.

Ensure your thermostat is turned on and set to the “heat” mode. Next, adjust the thermostat to be five degrees higher than the house’s current temperature. The furnace should almost immediately start to operate. Replace the batteries in your thermostat and check to see if it helps if the screen stays blank and the heater doesn’t turn on. If everything with the thermostat appears in order, but the furnace still won’t turn on, call for an expert to inspect your furnace.

Check the Power

Just like your refrigerator and microwave, your furnace needs the power to operate. This also applies to natural gas furnaces. In order to communicate with your thermostat and operate the blower motor, your gas furnace needs electricity. Additionally, many furnaces are built to shut down instantly when the electricity goes off for safety purposes. In case your power is out, contact your electric provider to find out how long it will be until power is restored.

Need Furnace Repair?

If your heater isn’t working properly, you need to call Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace repair. They have been repairing furnaces for years and know all about furnace maintenance. Let them fix your problem so you can stop worrying about if your house is going to freeze over. Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning take pride in their job and make sure they do it right the first time. If they see something that needs repairing or replacing, they do what is necessary without needlessly charging you for work that will not be covered under warranty.

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